YouTube Thumbnail generator and its importance in Social Media

Thumbnails are like the book covers of your video which you decide to upload on YouTube. Majority of the audience tend to judge an entire video by seeing the thumbnail. If the thumbnail is inappropriate or has no correlation with the title of the video, none of the users even bother to click on it. So, if you want to grow as a social media influencer through video content, make sure you figure out an eye-catching title along with an appropriate thumbnail image which will help you to grab the attention of your audience.

If the thumbnail is something boring or it is not clearly visible, be assured that the audiences will definitely skip on playing the video. All the market influencers definitely make it a point to use better thumbnail images with an increased pixel for seeking attention from the consumers. These thumbnail images are an essential tool which will help you to gain the necessary attention, increase your impression and gain better results through views and likes.

It is known to everyone that in present times, Facebook has emerged to be the massive social media platform which is ideal for advertising and marketing over YouTube. YouTube had the maximum number of active users for decades but for the past few years, Facebook has twice the number of active users as compared to YouTube. Therefore, most of the influencers and marketing agencies are making it a point to share their YouTube videos on Facebook by converting them through a YouTube to the Facebook converter to reach out to a larger scale of audience.

When you decide to share the content from YouTube to Facebook, you need to keep in mind that the thumbnail size of both the social media platforms is different. On YouTube, the ideal thumbnail image has a resolution of 1280X720p with a width of 640 pixels. You can, however, get a customised YouTube thumbnail by increasing or decreasing the pixels and uploading the image in-.JPG,.GIF,.BMP or.PNG format. But remember, this thumbnail image size is not compatible with Facebook.

If you want to create a thumbnail for a video on Facebook, you need to improve the thumbnail size. An ideal Facebook video’s thumbnail size is that of 470X264 pixels. You can use the customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail tool to upload a picture which is not an original capture from the video but represents the video completely. Don’t add unnecessary text on the thumbnail while posting the video on Facebook as Facebook has a strict restriction on the amount of text you can put on a thumbnail image.

Majority of the Facebook users scroll Facebook’s timeline on their mobile phones. As you know, the Facebook window consists of multiple contents to grab the attention of the consumers. So amidst all of this, if you want your content to emerge out then only an improved thumbnail with better quality and unique outlook can get you that advantage. An improved thumbnail will have a large play button attached on top to give the users an easier access to watch your video thus increase your views!

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