User Behavioral Changes In Twitter and Facebook

Is your business on Twitter or Facebook? Have you at one time ever thought of sharing the news with your followers?

User Behavioral Changes In Twitter and Facebook

Recent Twitter trends analysis indicates that most people are using Twitter (and the same can be said for Facebook too) for more reasons other than connecting with brands and friends. Most people are known to look on Twitter and Facebook for updates on current events.

  1. Individuals get their News from Twitter and Facebook

Pew Research Center Study reveals that an increasing number of Facebook and Twitters users always visit the platform to get news. From the 2000 participants, 63% will rely on both platforms for updates on a political issue and nation events. However, Twitter which was news oriented from the start was a leap from 52% to 63% during the two-year period. Most of those people who report will always use Facebook for news. The urge to be connected with family and friends is what gets users on Facebook, but it is the story that keeps them there.

  1. The best go-to Platform for Breaking News-Twitter

Although most of the Twitter handles tweeting just once or a few times in a week which is far less that the number of times Facebook users post, they will always flock to Twitter in case there is an exciting sports game, a celebrity scandal or a nationwide crisis.

The number of people who report to following breaking news n Twitter is almost double to those who do so on Facebook. Technology brand analysis on Twitter is considered the go-to destination for the up to minute news and comments

  1. Facebook is the Number One Source of News for Millennials

Facebook assists Millenials in keeping up with the headlines. Approximately 57% of the United States Millennials log into Facebook at least once every day for information and news. Around 30% will connect several times a day.

  1. Most Reporters Depend on Twitter and Facebook for Visibility

Most journalists saw it appropriate to reach their local audiences through social media. Most have now been on the social media channels for five years or more. You can build relationships with local businesses, potential sources and political leaders proved to be important.

  1. Both Twitter and Facebook are working on Similar News projects

While new features such as Instant Articles and Twitter’s Periscope baffle some consumers. Most individuals will see Instant items and Periscope as procedures for pulling the nightly news. Most individuals see Instant Articles and Periscope as platforms to remove the nightly news viewing the attention of audiences away from television screens to smartphones, desktops, and tablets. All these platforms are working to ensure that consumption of news is more enriching and easier. For instance, Facebook Instant Articles is known to attract fast loading video and audio updates. It took the Facebook time to convince BuzzFeed and New York Times to host their content on Facebook rather than their platforms. Most articles load within a second while in New York Times website, reports take up to 8 seconds to load.

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