Types Of Services Provided Under Managed Services

Managed services come under IT support services. There are several services provided. The main concept is outsourcing the day today works to an IT services company that will take care of the routine work on behalf of you. There are several Toronto IT support companies that offer such services technical action group stands out  stands out among other companies by providing best in class services.

Types Of Services Provided Under Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

There are several managed services such as HR activities, house cleaning and other office related works. IT managed services may refer to managing data. Some of the services provided by IT support Toronto are listed below. Most of the managed services include data and other important features. If one of the features is not available then work will be intruded and may result in loss. To avoid this most of the companies outsource some of the tedious tasks.

Backup and Recovery of Data:

Data is nothing but the information that is collected from user and stored in memory. There are chances to lose data in case of system failure or any other hardware issues. In case of such cases it is important to back up data every day. It may not be possible to recruit someone to back up data and it might take time to do for multiple websites and systems. Taking back up daily will prevent losing precious data. This is one of the most use managed services in IT support industry in Toronto.

Network Management:

In a business environment it is not easy to maintain and manage networks. The computers will be connected by local area network and it is important to keep it up and running all the time to make sure that there is no delay in work.

Security and Storage of Data:

You cannot store huge amount of data in one place. There are chances for data theft. Important data require proper security and maintenance. Such data cannot be outsourced instead security services are provided by outsourcing company.

Data storage extends to storing and updating user data and even some times details about employees. While expanding companies globally it is difficult to manage all the data in one place. In such cases a cloud server is used to manage and maintain data.

Cloud Data Management:

A cloud serer is nothing but a physical storage medium whose location is hidden. It can located anywhere in the world but those who have security information can access that data. Cloud services have been proved as a useful form of storage medium. You cannot afford to buy a cloud hosting but buying a space in cloud hosting is possible. Buying a space for your use in hugely available space and using it to store data is called cloud hosting. The most important thing in cloud management is location of physical data cannot be determined and hence it cannot be easily stolen. The main advantage of cloud management is data security. Cloud hosting as a managed service has huge demand and is the most commonly used managed service across the world.

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