The Solar Pathway Lights: As They Go About Their Bit

The pathway lights may be all about referred in terms roads alone when mentioned, but let us not overlook their presence in those main road streets and the ones in the interiors leading to your daily destination, at the time when the moon and stars take the dais! As the awareness spreads about the use of renewable sources of energy, like the wind or the solar energy, these pathway lights are slowly losing their old terminology – from the LED to the solar powered! And like any equipment they too are fascinating in their mode of function- more so because we are talking about the solar power, being used for a purpose that may be technical, but the source being so natural!

The Solar Pathway Lights: As They Go About Their Bit

The Typical Functional Mode of these Lights

Now that they work on the source of sun, that does not rod the technology of its absence in this scenario! In fact, there is a proper technique to the function of them. They consist of some components like:

  1. Rechargeable battery: these are empowered to store the solar energy during the day to supply the requisite energy to the fixtures at night. This part is very important as it is the foundation for the efficacy of a pathway light like this. The two types of batteries that can be used are: Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery and Lead Acid Battery.
  2. Controller: It is like an automated ‘buzzer’ that decides the switch on and off time for the light, and also for the charging part of it.
  3. Strong poles: These are very important to the solar pathway lights. This is because parts like fixtures, panels and batteries are affixed on them. Also, one has to consider the effects of the blowing wind. In the latest versions of these poles, all the required electric components are already present, making the task of installing them even easier!
  4. Solar panel: These are the ones responsible for the conversion of the solar energy to electricity for the needful. Two of them are usually used: the mono-crystalline one and the poly-crystalline one. The mono-crystalline is more productive in terms of conversion to electricity.
  5. Lighting fixture: LED is used as the base for these lights as they consume the least bit of electricity with optimal results, as compared with their traditional counterparts.

The photovoltaic panels; which are either fixed on the poles separately, or are already present in the pole itself; are the ones that charge the rechargeable battery. This charging is what causes the function of the pathway light at night. So, the function is simple smooth and straight!

Internet is a pool of resources. You may grab all the knowhow and understanding and also find more here.

So, now walk through those streets, by lanes and bike lanes with the assurance of being all wrapped up with the halo of the sunny lights- the solar pathway lights! So, what are you still waiting for? The streetlights-solar street lights are waiting for you!

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