Stock Video Footage – Unleash Your Creativity

A less known fact among many is that movie creators use stock video footage. Even the big movie production houses use stock video footage. For documentary makers and the like stock video footage is a godsend. They can use old video footage and merge it with their creations. Similarly many independent film makers also use stock video footage and they do so to decrease the expenses as they usually are on a tight budget.

For example if film makers are shooting for a film in spring and if they need the scene to be showing snow in winter, they will not wait for winter to set in to film their movie. They will just select an appropriate stock video footage and edit it and incorporate in their film. This saves them a lot of time as well as money. Big productions houses have the budget to pay royalty and do not mind paying for stock video footage. But independent film makers and amateur film makers who cannot afford to pay hefty royalties have an option and this is known as free stock video footage.

Stock Video Footage – Unleash Your Creativity

Stock video footage that has been contributed to the Creative Commons Foundation can be used by anyone. Anyone who has an original video can also contribute to Creative Commons.  By contributing your videos you are actually helping a film maker realize his or her creative dream. You also get recognition for your video as you can ask for attribution. You also have the power to decide whether you want your video to feature in commercial projects or only in projects that are not for profit. There are many websites like Flickr where you can contribute your videos with a Creative Commons license.

There are so many stock video websites that you can easily find anything that you desire for your film. In fact, some people just select a few stock video footages and the edit it and create wonderful videos. The sky is the limit for the person who wishes to unleash his or her creativity using stock video footage.

Similarly if you wish to create videos and enable film makers, then you can do so by creating high quality videos. The main point to note is that you need to create high quality HD clips as it is the minimum requirement for film makers. If you so desire you can even sell your videos through stock video footage providers and you can earn royalty.

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