Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With Best Performance

The performance of a phone could be defined only after its release or hands-on but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the story is little different. People have started commented on the performance of Note 5 and without any doubts it is going to be best in the market because of its amazing 8-core Exynos 7422 processor and amazing 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 With best performance

 The hardware features of Samsung galaxy Note 5 are already best as revealed and the star features could be the 16MP camera, which would clicks pictures like the S6 and we can say even better and the same goes for shooting in low light conditions. We even think that this advantage Galaxy S6 edge – detail hardly limps, and the noise level in the normal range. By the way in the dark, the camera Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has the fastest Focus. Even faster than the LG G4 with a laser autofocus, yes LED-flash advises only in extreme cases: it is enough to select an object, but the light in the photo turns too cold. But again, the photos are excellent and leave without a flash thanks to the “smart” HDR-mode. With the new HDR Auto you do not have to die each time to improve some of the details in the photo: everything will happen regardless of you. For example, we took a few photos with HDR Auto mode without it. With him a photo get much better quality, so we advise you to put it on the car. By the way, panoramic pictures you can do in both the horizontal and vertical position. In both cases, the pictures will turn out. The lack of HDR will then only problem here. It is possible that one will have to retake the photo several times to achieve the perfect result. At the exit you will turn 60 MP pictures and weighing about 20 MB. And same story would continue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 5-megapixel front Camera received the following modes: a group of self, self-portrait, a virtual shooting range, and the image (4 consecutive shots at intervals of a few seconds). The photo taken by the front camera is clear, at the level of detail. The maximum resolution of video that makes the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, is 4K (Ultra HD). Really liked the opportunity to also shoot videos in Full HD at a rate of 60 K / sec. The Galaxy S6 edge will bring you two video modes: acceleration and deceleration shooting. In the first case, you can get cool movie with scurrying cars or people. In the second case – great slow-mo video slowly soaring birds. Notice also how Galaxy S6 edge removes video enabled feature HDR. No doubt Samsung has taken the HDR functionality in the phone to the next level and another improved features with the Galaxy Note 5 would definitely set new records.

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