Oneplus 3 – The Beast (Smartphone)

Oneplus has finally confirmed the release of Oneplus 3 this year. Since their last release i.e., the release of OnePlus 2, everyone had been waiting for Oneplus 3 and now after a long wait of 1 year, We have some information about the phone.

Oneplus 3 - The Beast (Smartphone)

Here is all you need to know about the Oneplus 3

Release Date

The phone will be releasing late this year. Read more about the release date here.


Oneplus 3 will be loaded with 6 GB of RAM. Which is a lot, We have 6 GB ram in a gaming PC these days. Thus, we can’t simply imagine what Oneplus 3 could be capable of doing.

CPU/ Processor

Oneplus 3 has been rumored to have a 3.15 GHz QuardCore Processor. Till now no smartphone has been rumored ever near it. Because it seemed impossible to maintain temperature of such a powerful processor in a phone but oneplus is a big company, and might have found some way around. Also, there was a very high score seen in Antutu, and the scoring phone was registered with oneplus.


Graphical Processing Unit is one of the most important part of a phone these days as it is responsible for running every graphical interface, From games to video rendering. Oneplus 3 is expected to have an Adreno 620 as it’s GPU. Which is a total beast and capable of rendering anything faster than 5x IPhone 6.


These days, even a single game needs space of more than a GB and ever a movie takes a lot of space. Oneplus realized that 64 GBs or ever 128 Gbs of space is not enough. Therefore, Oneplus 3 will be loaded with an internal storage of 256 GBs.


Oneplus One and Oneplus Two other did good in the battery life criterion and same is expected from Oneplus Three. Some leaked information states that Oneplus three will have a battery of 6000 mAh. Which will be able to keep the phone alive for more than 18 hrs when processing at its max power.

OS (Operating System)

Oneplus 3 will be running a custom version of Android, which oneplus has designed. The OS is named HALOGEN, It has basic structure of an Android phone with some additional features such as, high security with multi-level encryption of data.


Fingerprint Sensor – Fingerprint sensor is ultrasonic based which gives better results that the traditional sensor. It is very accurate and minimizes the chances of a wrong result.


– Oneplus 3 will have a respopnsive accelerometer which will be able to stabilize a photo while the phone is shaking. With collaboration with high processing power Oneplus 3 will be a total beast in the photography criterion,


– Oneplus will just be using the standard gyro sensor in Oneplus 3 as it is very responsive and does it’s job well.

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