Magento Migration Of Your Ecommerce Store: Things To Consider

Today, every online store owner is running a rat race to outdo their fellow online store owners, and thereby be the winner in terms of web traffic, leads, sales and profits in that order. But merely having an Ecommerce or an online store isn’t enough to win this race. What is highly needed is the fact that your online store is built or is based on the right Ecommerce platform. Only the right Ecommerce platform will help your store score goals on all fronts, and thereby take your business to the heights of sales and profits. And who doesn’t know that only the platform of Magento can help your online store do the above thing?!! But if you are a business owner whose store has already been built on some other Ecommerce platform, you need not worry as you can now easily migrate your store to Magento by just considering some of the points detailed below. Read on to find out what they are…

Magento Migration Of Your Ecommerce Store: Things To Consider

URL Retention: The first and the foremost factor that you should seriously consider before migrating your online store to Magento is the factor of Uniform Resource Locator or commonly known as URL, especially the URL of the landing page of your store. This is because this URL of the landing page of your store would have been cached by the search engines and they may have also built up a high authority. And hence you cannot afford losing the already established authority of the URL of the landing page of your store. Thus, what you surely need to do is to redirect all the product categories, products and CMS pages of your store to the new URLs using ‘301’. This will ensure that you don’t lose the search engine rankings of your store as well as your organic traffic.

Back Office Integration: Next comes the important factor of Back Office Integration. This includes integrating the back office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and also the Employee Resource Planning (ERP) system of your store with the platform of Magento. The Application Program Interface (API) of Magento integrates very easily with third party systems and Magento keeps coming up with new and exclusive solutions for the same. The back office integration of your store with Magento has an added advantage and that is – Such integration will upgrade all your systems and thereby help you organize the complete business process of your store.

Migration Of Data: As everyone knows, in the online world, data is what matters the most. And it is the same with any online store as well. Data assumes more importance when it comes to Magento Migration. This is because your whole online store business depends on a big amount of data which includes: Product categories’ data, Products’ data, Customers’ data, Orders’ data, Newsletters’ data, and yes the all-important data – Blogs. All this data needs to be transferred carefully to the Magento platform or else your whole store can crash. Eventhough the migration of data from your previously used Ecommerce platform to Magento is a huge task but doing this will ensure that your customers don’t feel uncomfortable in a new “setting” and feel and remain attached to your store just like before.

Promotions: Finally comes the factor of promotions. This is something that you do not need to worry about as the Ecommerce platform of Magento has a gigantic collection of add-ons, plug-ins, extensions and features that are solely there for the purpose of promotions and merchandising of your online store. Some of these are as follows: CMS blocks for helping you keep your store up-to-date with fresh and relevant content; Product category discounts and promotional coupons for pulling-in the customers; Social Media plug-ins for creating the much needed hype about your online store and also for marketing; Customer-target extensions for helping you to segregate your customers in different categories and thereby target them according to your business needs; Rewards extensions for making your customers feel special and valuable and thereby have them come to your online store again and again.

So, leave all your worries behind and migrate your Ecommerce store to Magento right now and see your business zoom ahead and sparkle like a Star!!

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