How Writing Strengthens The Immune System And Minds

People believe that writing is something that is related to schools and colleges where students have to write long essays and coursework to get some marks, or it is for the professional writers so students can buy dissertation online from experts. But in reality, writing is much bigger than just the academic or learning act. From many years, writing has also been using as a tool for therapy. Practitioners are using logs, questionnaires, journals and other writing activities to help the people suffering from traumas and stresses. The recent studies are telling us that writing has not only its effects on our mental problems, but it is also healing people suffering from the physical issues. Scientists are claiming that writing is helping people to get some relief who are suffering from terminal or life-threatening diseases. But the researchers are only at the beginning to find the reasons behind these benefits. To discuss this phenomenon further, following are some of the points to discuss this phenomenon in detail.

Health Benefits:

In 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol 281, No. 14) released a groundbreaking study about writing. The Journal claimed that they asked asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients to write 20 minutes on each of three consecutive days about the most tragic and stressful time of their lives and their regular day’s routine plans. After continuing this exercise for four months, the reports of these patients were astounding. The majority of the patients who were doing writing showed improvement in the treatment of their disease. Moreover, the patients who were doing only stressful writing showed more improvement and less worse condition than the ones who were doing more normal day routine writing. That is why the Journal of the American Medical Association claimed that writing helps patients to get better, and also kept them from getting worse.

Writing Right:

It is not like this that people start writing about their stressful times and start curing. Just like there is a dose of the medicine or a process of any therapy, there is a method for writing too. In fact, if a person will not follow these methods of writing, his condition will deteriorate due to frequently remembering those painful moments that no one would wish to happen to them. Even some of the studies showed that their conditions get even worse than the one who writes only about average things. It is compulsory to do this writing therapy under the supervision of any psychologist who knows which method is writing right for you. For example, one of the primary methods of writing right is to use cause and effects words like realize, because, understands, so therefore and others so your mind would remain focused on the conclusion not on the incident that will realize you that this part of your life has gone.

Write With The Mind:

There is no point of healing just by using pen and paper writing stories of your life. The commitment and willpower are imperative to get cure from writing therapy. The patient has to commit first that he believe in this therapy and want to get benefited from it. The healing power of writing therapy comes from the mind of the patient, with the help of clinicians. Clinicians know the right moment when the patient should write, and it varies with patients condition that is why it is important to have any psychologist on board for this therapy. The clinicians use the special moments for example when the anxiety strikes hard or take out all the anxieties from you by e-mailing you or using different written pieces to activate your mind and give your immune system a chance to fight with them.

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