How To Shop Smart And Save Money While Buying A New Phone

Whenever a new iPhone is released in the market, we always have the urge to buy one. All of a sudden we feel that we are having an outdated version and we need to quickly update it. People are so eager to spend a large amount of money and sign up for a contract only to have another expensive phone. To give a tough competition, companies like Samsung, Motorola and Microsoft have also come up with some new models, which can really leave you jaw dropped. So now all you need is to find some ways so that you can get your hand on one of this models without spending much. 

How To Shop Smart And Save Money While Buying A New Phone

Some of the tips to save money while buying a new phone are: 

  • Wait for some time: Whenever a new model is released, it comes with high prices. So to shop smartly, wait for the prices to fall. Most of the companies drop their price some time after the initial release. So better wait for that time. In case, you are the kind of the person who needs to update at the same moment, you need to follow some other money saving tricks described below. You can even buy the latest phones at some amazing discount by using mobile phones direct promo code while making the payment. 
  • Sell your old phone: One of the best way to get some cash for your new phone is by selling the old one. You can do this through the site like Craigslist or to any of your friend. This is the best way to get most out of your device. Another way to get some cash is by selling the phone to the dealer. Remember that you will get the lowest price possible by going for this method. The dealers never pay a decent amount for your old phone. Or else, look for deals where companies are giving maximum cash for your old device. 
  • Go for unlocked phone: Going for the unlocked version is the another best way to save some money on your phone. You will not be charged more for making the payment in the form of installments as well as you will be free to choose a wireless carrier of your choice. This means that in case your service provider is costing you more or you are not happy with the service, you can anytime make a move. So, you can save your wallet anytime. 
  • Go for the previous model: This is the best way to save money on your new phone. Whenever a new phone is released, the price of its previous models falls. The drop in the price can at times be too good. So you can have the nearest-newest model that too at a very good price. This means you will end up paying very little for a phone for which you could have paid hundreds of dollars just some few weeks back. You can even find some amazing deals for the phones online just by going through the offers at Deals-Lands
  • Switch plans: The best way to save money on your mobile plans is to compare different data plans first. You can do it on different online sites. In case you do not use your data more frequently, you may not need to upgrade your plan. You can keep your current plan going but in case you feel that you are running out of text or data limit, you can anytime upgrade your plans. Remember that it is not easy to downgrade your plan once you have the deal. 

So always keep yourself updated and educated about the new phone arrivals and services to keep yourself from spending more. You never want to end up with a locked phone and paying more for little usage. 

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