Herolocity Review: Automate365 vs. Other Business Applications

With Automate365, Herolocity aims for complete business automation by enabling a full connection of all business aspects with its website and simultaneously allowing users to avail from a variety of 100+ web applications to speed up daily operations. The core focus is to get work done in a way that it leads to maximized general efficiency, minimized overhead costs and increased total revenue.

Automate365 vs. Other Business Applications

Single Platform

With Automate365, there remains no need for third-party apps and therefore all apps are created, supported, maintained and updated directly under the 365 platform by Herolocity. This eliminates the need for the businesses to juggle with different app providers, operating from different locations, offering different packages and charging different prices. Uniformity is maintained and the users benefit from:

  • A single source. Getting accurate answers becomes rather difficult if the associated data is hosted on more than one system. As it is a single platform, you only have to check one place to the get the answer you need. Not only does this help save time, but also boosts accuracy and speed, both of which are integral to boost customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Steady capabilities. Workers are less likely to get lost and unable to reach conclusions because they are on the wrong system.
  • Fused database. There remains a single place for storing relevant data, like transactions, file transfers and orders. This makes work relatively easier for workers, trading partners and customers.
  • Consistent interface of the application. A steady application interface is quite crucial for vendors when writing the full application from scratch.

All these qualities help users reduce risks, improve customer service, minimize operating costs and shorten marketing time. They also add more brand value and streamline business operations and supply chain procedures.

Herolocity Review: Automate365 vs. Other Business Applications

Easy to Set Up

Getting started with Automate365 is reasonably easy, regardless of where the website is created or hosted, all that is required is copy pasting a single line code into your website after which you can easily log in with Platform365 and start using the free business website applications without further ado.

Wide Selection of Apps

The 365 platform provides its users with the availability of 100+ business web applications that they can enable on their webpage. This is especially beneficial for companies operating in a dynamic environment where these apps allow them a faster market grasp and the ability to flow wherever their business takes them. Besides taking advantage of these apps, you can also add your online store through which online payments and online bookings can be made.

Automatic Updates

Every website application on the 365 platform is designed to update automatically without interrupting the user with regular upgrade requests and pop-ups. Furthermore, it doesn’t even require manual upgrading and with the introduction of additional features, the apps are updated for the purpose of streamlining their users’ operations.

Full Compatibility with all CMS Platforms

Automate365 is not your average automation platform since it offers complete compatibility with all CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Prestashop.

Automate365 for cPanel

Automate365 for cPanel facilitates enables hosting companies to offer more than 100 website applications that help their clients automate their business directly and at zero charge. Not only does this help add more value to the brand but also decrease churn, outperform competitors and benefit from Herolocity’s revenue sharing model by becoming a partner for free.

Automate365 for cPanel allows its users to take advantage of the 365 platform’s lightweight plug-ins and unlimited app installations. Easy support can be accessed directly from the plug-in through a support ticket to ensure minimum hassle. Furthermore, members can choose the domain and have the app auto-installed without the need for any manual code implementation and also benefit from non-manual and interruption-free automatic updates.

Highly Customizable

All the business applications are highly customizable and also constantly upgraded with new features.

No Shenanigans

One of the best parts about using Automate365 is the fact it allows the use of all business applications at absolutely zero cost. There are no extra charges, no monthly fees and no per user fees. Herolocity only takes 3% of each business transaction.

Helps Get To the Market Faster

Because it is free of cost and requires no significant upfront and on-going costs, Automate365 can help the business get started with its operations faster.

Final Thoughts

Automate365 is designed for all businesses and can be used anytime and from anywhere for the purpose of upgrading the daily corporate operations. It is easier to set up and maintain, unlike other business applications owing to the fact that it uses a single platform: the 365 platform.

Not only does this make everything much easier to handle but also economize costs and maximize efficiency and in turn customer satisfaction. Furthermore, unlike many business applications, Automate365 allows its users to benefit from the platforms apps at zero cost, helping them get to the market way faster in the absence of massive costs.

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