Fine-tune Marketing Strategies Using An Event App

Marketing an event takes some forward thinking. It is unwise to approach it without a strategic plan. It is best to consider three basic stages of marketing – before, during and after the event. Leveraging an event app boosts marketing in all these three stages.

For a good organiser, event apps are no longer a ‘should we have one?’ decision anymore. He rather invests his time planning ‘how can we launch apps in the most effective way?’ Once he maps out his own mobile app design, he focuses on reaching out to his delegates using the app.

Fine-tune Marketing Strategies Using An Event App

Creating an application with high-value content drives adoption and accelerates the number of downloads. Therefore, fine-tuning the app roll-out plan is important to increase adoption and enhance attendee experience. Note the following points to chalk out your plan better:

Before the Exhibition/seminar

Start painting a picture of what can excite your attendees before the tradeshow. Some of the ways in which you can use your app to do this are mentioned below:

  • Release snippets of your speakers talking about your upcoming conference
  • Roll out short relevant Facebook updates or tweets
  • List the names of exhibitors and sponsors
  • Allow delegates to pre-register
  • Post last year’s event video highlights (if you have one)

All this would get your audiences talking and discussing about your conference or seminar.

During the Tradeshow

Get smarter with improved app integrations: 

  • As soon as the attendees arrive, instead of handing out printed pamphlets to them, help them download the guide/flyer/brochure/circular within the app. This provides the audiences all the conference-related details and itinerary.
  • Make sure that you engage them with relevant news through in-app alerts and notifications in real-time. This attracts the participants and helps them stay informed.
  • Include networking modules within the application so that your audiences are able to set meetings, schedule small conferences or conduct discussion forums with fellow participants. This boosts networking among like-minded participants with similar business interests.
  • Promote your event hash-tags on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. Share it with your guests to keep the buzz going.
  • Integrate Survey and Feedback forms within the application to determine audience reactions and responses. Encourage your delegates to fill these forms and share their reviews so that you can optimise your marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Embed a chatbot in your event app which serves as a personal guide or assistant to your audiences. Build a bot supported by artificial intelligence (AI) so that it helps the guests find the nearest airport, railway station, restaurants and cafes, direction of the banquet hall, and even the Wi-Fi hotspot. A well-programmed bot can also provide product suggestions and catalogues, connect delegates with important leads, and even notify audiences about specific sessions.

After the Expo

Personalise your follow-ups by initiating one-on-one conversations with your guests within the app. Ask for guest testimonials which you can upload on your web and mobile sites. Inform them about next seminar’s sponsorship opportunities. Announce gaming results, winners’ lists and give away attractive prizes. Gather relevant data and metrics to make improvements in your upcoming exhibitions.

It is time to make smart moves with your mobile app for tradeshows and conferences. Unlock its full potentials to build your brand better.

Summary: It is important to chalk out a strategic plan to build brands and promote events. One of the most effective ways to do that is to use an event app. Using a mobile application, before, during and after the trade exhibition, can boost brand reputation and drive customer loyalty.

Author Bio: Kevin is an industry veteran who has been working with event2mobile for the past several years. He has a detailed knowledge on mobile apps for tradeshows and how they can act as game changers. He strongly feels that by leveraging the potentials of an event app, organisers can drive positive results and build their brand image.

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