Electronic Catch Phrase: The Perfect Party Game

There are a few party games on the market today but one seems to stand out among the rest. Catch Phrase is a great family game, party game, any type of gathering game. Catch Phrase especially the electronic version is a very simple game to just pick up and play, it’s portable, and everyone will have a great time with this game.

Electronic Catch Phrase is a very simple and easy game just to pick up and play. You hold the game in your hands and start it up to select a category to play in, such as history. When the game starts you’ll see an onscreen word that you have to get your teammates to guess without actually saying the word. For example if you had the word Washington, you would have to give clues like “He was our first president” or “Our nation’s capital is blank D.C.” and so on.

When your team guesses the word then you pass the hand held Catch phrase to another player, whoever is sitting to your left. Play continues until the timer built into the game runs out, and the team left holding the device loses and the opposing team scores one point. First to seven points wins the game.

Electronic Catch Phrase: The Perfect Party Game

The wonderful thing about Catch Phrase as compared to other family or party games is that everyone gets a turn to be the focus of the game, and everyone can play the game reasonably well, because all you do is talk. You don’t have to be great at improve like in charades or an artist like in Pictionary, all you have to do is be able to speak and you’ll make a great team mate.

Catch Phrase is such a fun game because each member of the team will have their own way of giving clues. Everyone has a different personality and it shows in the heat of the moment while playing Catch Phrase. If you have a real movie buff on your team then be expecting clues pertaining to movies and Hollywood happenings. A major history fanatic will most likely give clues that have to do with key points in time or location, and your average Joe will of course be somewhere between the two.

My family and I have had so much fun with this game it’s probably the best investment we ever made. For around or under twenty dollars you just cant beat the amount of enjoyment Catch Phrase brings. Any number of players can participate, the minimum being four and the maximum is how many people you can fit around your dinning room table.

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