Boost Your Book Keeping Business Productivity With Cloud Solutions

Businesses are defined by the people who work for them. All organizations depend on the performance of their individual team members to improve their productivity and bottom-line. Top management understands that they cannot achieve growth without providing their employees with more flexibility and easier access to all the resources and information. When it comes to bookkeepers, the massive amount of accounting and financial tasks mean lots of complications. The use of right technology can help in boosting the efficiency and overall performance of bookkeepers.

Boost Your Book Keeping Business Productivity With Cloud Solutions

Cloud Technology Solutions for Bookkeepers

Technology has affected all aspects of businesses. Cloud technology is one of the latest innovations in the field of IT. New cloud based services can help bookkeepers work more efficiently and have easier access to all information with just a click. Learn more about the best cloud based solutions from this article.

SharePoint Hosting: This is a cloud based solution that allows bookkeepers to share all their information with other team members and communicate over the same platform. You can also share documents, files and reports with utmost ease. You will be able to create your own website, hosted on the cloud. All the accounts information can be stored on the site, from where you and your team members can access them for easier and quicker dissemination of services.

One of the major advantages of using SharePoint Hosting is that it enables high level of availability. It will enable high level of connectivity so that bookkeepers can instantly share and collaborate on documents and reports and follow outstanding accounts, pursue suppliers for timely delivery or additional discounts, and carryout other accounting functions.

The SharePoint can be used for managing documents or for communicating with other team members. All the files and tasks can be stored in a central location, from where everyone can access them to speed up the accounting processes.

Benefits of SharePoint Hosting

The SharePoint 2016 Hosting service frees bookkeepers from always having to work from their desktop. You can access all the data on your desktop and allow other teams to share the documents and reports from any location – even when everyone is in the field. The SharePoint site can be accessed on any device with any operating system. You and your workforce may be using any smartphone or laptop with any operating system. It is possible for everyone to access the documents.

It is no longer a challenge to get everyone in your team on the same page, as and when you need them. And this can be achieved without incurring additional costs. Visit to learn more about this cloud solution and how it can help your bookkeeping business.

Virtual Desktop: With virtual desktop, you can increase the overall productivity of your workforce while reducing the overall costs. You can use this cloud hosted Virtual Desktop solution to allow everyone in your team to access a virtual desktop from any location. Your team will be able to work with optimal levels of flexibility, without any constraints. This will have a direct bearing on your business’ overall efficiency and output.

The Virtual Desktop solution from Apps4Rent also enables your bookkeeping team members to access all of your applications and software on their devices. Bookkeepers will be able to issue statements to clients, always keep the accounts up to date, place reorders with suppliers and do a lot more on the go. Your software could be accessed on Remote Data Protocol or simply on a browser on any type of device – from Mac to Windows to iOS to Android to BlackBerry devices.

Another advantage of using the cloud hosted Virtual Desktop is that it allows you access to your local resources like printers from any location. The service also allows you to change access permissions as per your preferences. Daily backup in multiple locations, multiple layers of security and high level of reliability, make it a trustworthy cloud based solution. Besides, you will also get 24X7 support whenever you need assistance. Visit for more information about this cloud based solution and how it can help your bookkeeping business.

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